Hypervote PRO

Hypervote enhanced with extra features and filtering options.

This is a how-to guide to explain how you can set up and get the most out of our Hypervote PRO automation.

Hypervote is designed to automate poll votes and answer questions from other Instagram account.

To get started, make sure you have an active account on our HYPER platform and follow the steps below:

  1. Select Hypervote Pro from the left side menu.

  2. Click on the account which will be using this automation.

  3. Read through the Safety Recommendations and accept them.

  4. Set up your Target audience from the Targeting menu. Keep the targets close to your niche. i.e. If your account is Fitness oriented, focus on Fitness users and Fitness #Hashtags.

  5. Optional. Select if you wish to react to Polls, Poll sliders, Quizzes, Countdowns, Answers or Masslooking within the Story Actions menu. This increases your account's exposure and you will be able to perform more actions and usually better results.

  6. Mass Actions menu is focused on setting up Like, Follow, Unfollow and Comment actions. This is the most common actions which all accounts perform and bring the biggest results. It is recommended to enable the Prorate Algorithm as it will adjust the action speed automatically and reduce the risk of action block from Instagram.

  7. Optional. Direct Messages or DM's can be setup on Send Direct Messages Menu. Here you can setup what direct messages you want to send to users and how often.

  8. Optional. You can setup an automatic Live Broadcast to be streamed to your account with a custom comment within the Live Broadcast menu.

  9. Optional. Restrict comments, Username & Full Name Filter and Language filtration are additional filter options for you to configure if and when you need it.

  10. Pause Settings menu allows you to setup the working hours of the automation. If you are using the Instagram account during the day, we would recommend you to setup pause during the day and run automation during the night. We do not recommend running Hypervote constantly.

  11. Ensure the status is set to Active and click Save.

It is suggested to have at least 50 targets different targets for best results.

When you search for a target, it will show you the Engagement Rate (ER) for that account, as well as if it is considered a good target or not.


Click the Stats tab at the top of your Hypervote account page. Here you will see all of the target accounts that Hyperlink is using to target the followers or following. You can also see a breakdown of the past week's reactions by day of the week.

Activity Log

Click the Activity Log tab at the top of your Hypervote account page. This will show you exactly how Hypervote is reacting with other users, including the nature of the response as well as the time it was given.

Telegram Notifications

Hypervote PRO is now able to send telegram notifications with analytics and error reports. Tick the optional checkbox within the settings and complete our step by step guide listed within the info section. The notifications will be sent to your telegram user from our chat bot according to your selected notification inverval.

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