Auto DM (New Followers)

Sending direct messages to new followers can increase engagement and eventually make your profile or brand more friendly to them.

But if you have an increasing number of new followers, constantly finding the time to message them can be daunting. And this is exactly where, in addition to our Auto DM feature, the Auto DM function for new followers excels.

You will be able to send an automated message to each new follower in order to gain traction with your profile. Here is your full step-by-step guide to using the Auto DM (New Followers) function after adding your account to our system:

  1. You will now see all the options. In the “Settings” section, select the speed at which you would like to send a message to new followers - “Very Slow”, “Slow”, “Medium”, “Fast”, or “Very Fast”.

3. In addition, you will need to select the “Active” status to run the Auto DM (New Followers) function. If left on “Deactive, the function will not run.

4. On top of that, you have the option to pause the action. This is due to Instagram’s system accepting to use your account only on 1 device at the same time. If you use your account during the day, we recommend running it at night for instance from 10.00 PM to 7.00 AM.

5. Once all the 3 options are completed, click on Save to run the “Auto DM (New Followers) feature.


In order to set up your messages, head over to the top screen under the “Messages” section. From here, type your message in the text box. You can use the variables below to personalize your DM:

  • {{firstname}} - Account user’s first name

  • {{username}} - Account’s username

  • {{fullname}} - Account user’s full name

You have the option to add media on the right-hand side. You can either upload it by clicking on “Select Files” or by dragging your file into the box. Please note that you can add media up to 50MB.

Once you typed the message and added the media, click on “Add Message”. You will now see your message underneath the box. Click on Save.

It’s important to note that, just like the Auto DM function, we recommend writing and adding 3 different messages. When constantly using the same message, the Instagram system may see your messages as spam.

Activity Log

After selecting all your favorites options, typed the message to auto DM, and activated the function, you will see the full report on Activity Log.

From here, you can see the DMs that were sent to each account as well as the time for better tracking.

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