Best Content Search

The Best Content Search function can help you gain traction on your Instagram profile, engagement, and eventually visibility from other accounts.

Finding the right content for your profile isn’t always easy and the social platform is filled with unmatching content. This is why we built this tool to help you find the right content to share and repost.

Search Options

Once you are in the Best Content Search function, first select the account for which you need to find content. You can do so by clicking on the drop-down menu above the button “GO”.

After that, input the username or the hashtag that you want to analyze the content for.

For instance, if you need to analyze the content from Nike, you will need to select “@Username” and type “Nike”. On the other hand, if you want to analyze the posts including the hashtag “photography”, you can simply select “#Hashtag” and input “photography”.

Please note that the system will not provide a list of results after typing the query into the search box.

Lastly, before launching your query, choose how many results to show - 50, 150, or 300. Finally, click on GO.

Query Results and Filters

Once the results are displayed, you will see all the statistics available on top as follow:

  • Average likes

  • Maximum number of likes

  • Average number of comments

  • Maximum number of comments

The posts are sorted by the number of likes by default. For instance, for the Hashtag “Photography”, the post with the maximum number of likes is 1.12K and it will be displayed first.

You can change the Sort By filter to the options: Number of likes - Number of comments - Engagement rate - Video views.

Also, you will find the type of post which can be sorted by: All Posts - Photos - Videos - Albums.

Lastly, you have the filters “Min Likes” and “Min Views” available to select the minimum number of likes and views on the posts.

Repost Instagram Content

The first interesting feature of the Best Content Search, other than filtering the results, is to repost the content found on Instagram.

As you can see on the screenshot above, on top of each post, the function “Repost” is shown. When clicking on it, you will be redirected to the repost feature.

Once here, you will be able to click on the tick sign on the photo previously selected.

Once selected, the system understands that you’d like to repost that photo. After that, you can select the account on which you’d like to repost the photo in the middle column.

In addition, you can write a caption and a first comment to go along with the post and post now or schedule it (ticking the box and selecting the date and time).

In “Advanced Settings” you will be able to add a specific location as well as removing the media from the system after posting.

Just before posting, a preview of the final post can be seen on the right column, as shown here.

Store and Download

Going back to the search results, after selecting the posts you’re interested in (by ticking the “Select” box), click on “Store” or “Download” on the right side of the screen.

For instance, if you’re interested to share a post about vegan food, simply search Hashtag veganfood, select the posts you like, and click on Store.

You will be redirected to the sharing feature. Just like the repost feature, the stored images will be displayed on the left-hand side while the “Download” button will download the photos to your device.

Sharing a Story or an Album

On the posting system, other than a photo or a video, we offer the option to post a story or an album, combining photos and videos.

Here is how to proceed:

  1. To share a story, select “Add Story” on top of the screen. From here, select your Instagram account, write your caption or comment, and click on “Post Now” or schedule it with day and time.

  1. To share an album, select “Add Album” on the top-right corner and select the media or drag it from your computer. Just like the feature above, write your caption or comment and “Post Now” or schedule the desired sharing date and time.

In conclusion, this was how to use the Best Content Search to repost photos or videos as well as sharing stories using our tool.

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