Auto Follow

Our Auto Follow function is a sleek and sophisticated feature that will allow you to grow your audience organically on Instagram.

If you’re experimenting with the function for the first time, this is your guide to know all about it.

First of all, before starting out, make sure you have an active IBF account. If you do, follow the steps below:

  1. First, make sure you added your Instagram account as explained here.

  2. Here, you can select the account from the left column. Click on the account for which you want to enable the Auto Follow function.

  3. On the top of your screen, you’ll see the option to follow either People, Hashtags, or Places. Select what works best for your account.

For example, if your account is focused on food, you can choose “#deliciousfoods” as a potential hashtag. For accounts, @gordongram is a great example as Gordon Ramsay is a celebrity in the field. Lastly, places could be popular destinations for food or restaurants such as “Taco Bell”, “Dunkin’ Donuts” or simply your favorite restaurant.

5. Type your query in the search box and you’ll be prompted with matching results.

6. Choose the speed at which you want to follow accounts or places. We recommend using “Slow” or “Medium” when starting out.

7. In “Advanced Options”, you’ll have several filters that you can use based on your preferences. For instance, gender, maximum accounts to follow, or even blacklist.

Here is a breakdown of all the advanced options and what they offer:

  • Gender: Select the gender to follow - Male, Female, or Both

  • No Private Profiles: Follow (Deactive) or Not Follow (Active) private profiles

  • Has Profile Picture: Follow (Active) or Not Follow (Deactive) profiles with a profile picture

  • Skip Business Profiles: Skip (Active) or Follow (Deactive) business profiles

  • Media Minimum Amount: The minimum media posted on the profiles to follow

  • Ignored Unfollowed Profiles: Skip (Active) or Follow (Deactive) Instagram profiles with no followers

  • Followers Min Amount: Minimum number of followers on the accounts to follow

  • Followers Max Amount: Maximum number of followers on the accounts to follow

  • Like + Follow: Like posts in addition to following accounts, hashtags, or places

  • Like count: The number of likes to give to profiles to follow

  • Blacklist: Add accounts, hashtags, or places you do not want to follow

8. After that, select the time you want to auto-follow accounts - For example from 10.00 AM to 4.00 PM.

We recommend running the Auto follow function at night if you happen to use your Instagram account during the day. In fact, Instagram accounts can only be used on one device at a time.

9. Make sure to select the “Active” status. If the status is “Inactive”, the automation will not start.

10. Finally, click on the “Save” button to start auto-following on Instagram.

Unlike other apps, this one follows people in bulk with an automated system so you don't have to waste time following every account individually.

Activity Log

In order to see the results of the Auto Follow campaign, head over to the Activity Log on top of the page, inside the Auto Follow section. From here, you will have the list of accounts followed, the time, and the option to see the profile on Instagram.

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